»At hm+p, we’ve been helping market leaders and hidden champions achieve real product, brand and market success for over 10 years. Find out how our creative solutions can help you move even the most complex of markets.«

Consulting approach

What can hm+p do for me?

Consulting process

How does the hm+p consulting process work?

Consulting portfolio

What are hm+p’s areas of expertise?


»What can hm+p do for me?«

When you’re navigating your company through turbulent market conditions, you need concrete, workable solutions tailored to your individual situation – and not abstract strategies.

At hm+p, our consulting approach builds on your brands, products, assortments and services, linking these to the key growth and innovation drivers in the market.

In just a few effective steps, we can help you move on quickly from the initial idea and strategy phase. We work closely with you to develop feasible solutions and create a solid base for future success.

hm+p consulting approach – Clearly targeted to the future product & service profile of your company!


»How does the hm+p consulting process work?«

From a customer perspective, consultancy work is only rewarding if it is leading to concrete market results. That is why our consultancy process is consequently geared toward generating marketable solutions.

In just four steps we are helping our clients to achieve substantial product & market success:

1. Rapid identification of key growth & innovation drivers which are really boosting your business.
2.Targeted development of visionary concepts and roadmaps which are tailored to the specific challenges of your company.

3. Swift generation of innovative brand, product, assortment, marketing & sales solutions (quick wins) to be implemented efficiently.
4. Creation of agile structure & process solutions to translate your future potentials effectively into substantial product & market successes.

For us, consultancy is a targeted process not resulting into abstract strategies only. We are developing marketable offering solutions provably increasing your sales potential at the shortest possible time. Because of our freedom and expertise as independent business consultants we are able to successfully open up new growth avenues for your business reaching far beyond established me-too pathways.

hm+p consulting process – Four steps to increase your market & product success!


»What are hm+p’s areas of expertise?«

Every customer is different. And every project has its own unique profile. Which is why we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to consultancy.

Our consultancy portfolio is as diverse as life in the real business world. Yet all our services have one thing in common:

They are all geared toward leveraging future growth and innovation opportunities for our customers.

At the beginning of every consultancy project, we work with you to choose the individual areas and services that best fit your company’s needs. In this way we deliver exactly the results that really move your business forward.

hm+p consulting portfolio – All services at one glance!