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  • »The future doesn’t just happen.«

    You have to shape it with your own hands.

  • »Figures alone won’t power growth.«

    The right market offer will.

  • »Most companies don’t need more strategies.«

    They need workable solutions.

  • »Innovation is built on collaboration.«

    Better find the right partner.


We have been helping market leaders and hidden champions achieve substantial product, brand and market success for over 10 years.

Future, Growth, Innovation

How can I increase the innovation potential of my business? How can I generate sustainable growth? And how can I make my company fit for the future?

Brands, Products, Assortments

How can I strengthen my brand(s)? How can I create successful new products? And how can I make sure I have the right product mix?

Marketing, Sales, Services

How can I establish a solid base for successful product sales? How can I optimize my marketing activities? And how can I develop a profitable service portfolio?


There are over 26,3 million registered trademarks worldwide.

(Source: WIPO)


More than 20,000 new products are launched every month.

(Source: GNPD)


Approximately 75 percent of all innovations fail.

(Source: Harvard Business Review).


Corporate resistance to change is often as high as 50 percent.

(Source: Psychologie der Wirtschaft)

Our Competencies

Find out how you can develop successful innovations, avoid failure, strengthen your brands and assortments, increase sales and steer your company towards a successful future.


Consulting approach

What can hm+p do for me?

Consulting process

How does the hm+p consulting process work?

Consulting portfolio

What are hm+p’s areas of expertise?


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